Van Eats Review


Attention, fellow OSCMS attendees. Need some fresh air or just a change of scenery to motivate your open source software development? I suggest the following two places. They both have delicious food and free WiFi: The Templeton (great diner style burgers both meat and veggie and breakfast, open at 9a.m.) and Take 5 (VanEats Take 5 Review) at 429 Granville (open 7a.m. – 8p.m. Mon to Fri; great coffee and food). Both are great for impromptu hacking sessions; especially Take 5’s comfy couches! The Templeton being a diner is much smaller but it’s nice and cozy. [more…]

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WiFi Mug Review


I was up from the states, visiting Vancouver for a week in April, 2005. Of all the things I saw in Vancouver (a very cool place), the Templeton Cafe was the coolest of all! One Monday evening, I enjoyed excellent food and drink at a reasonable price, great and fun service from the waitstaff, very cool retro decor, interesting and friendly customers, a movie, and even three cute and friendly dogs at my feet. [more…]

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Urban Vancouver Review


Re-opened in 1996 as the oldest classic Canadian diner in the area, complete with jukeboxes and continuous media hype, the Templeton is small, friendly, with a diverse clientele from suits to near-homeless. A patio is being prepared in the back to be open in the summer. Modernized food, such as house salad with raspberry vinaigrette and toasted almonds; 666 burger with pickled beets served with mashed potatoes “no fillers and made the way Mum intended except for the wine we added” $7.50; Portobello mushroom burger with roasted garlic and asiago served with salad and mashed potatoes. The plates are well presented, filling and imaginative. Decent wines for the locale, and beer. [more…]

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