big people drinks

Big People Drinks

Beer On Tap

  • pint      5.0
  • pitcher      15
    Capped Beer
  • Bud, Canadian, Corona, Heineken, Stella      5.5
  • Strongbow      5.5
  • Mission Hill Vintner’s Select Shiraz or Chardonnay
    glass     5.0
    1/2 litre     13
    full litre     25
  • Big Cocktails 1oz     5.0
  • Make it a double     7.0
    Port Alberni… rye, rootbeer
    Caeser… vodka, clamato, spice
    Cuba Libra… rum, coke, lime
    Fuzzy Navel… peach schnapps, OJ
    Gin & Tonic… obviously
    Bloody Mary… vodka, tomato juice, spice
    Greyhound… vodka, ruby red grapefruit juice
    Screwdriver… vodka, OJ
  • Bigger Cocktails 2 oz     7.0
    Black Russian… vodka, kahlua, coke
    White Russian… vodka, kahlua, cream
    Melon Ball… vodka, melon liqueur, OJ
    Stiff Shirley… rum, Malibu, cranberry juice, soda, grenadine
    Roxanne… vodka, amaretto, peach schnapps, cranberry and orange juice
    Tropical Passion… vodka, Malibu, OJ, grenadine
  • Martinis 2oz     7.5
    Sean Connery… vodka or gin, dry vermouth, olive or twist
    Cosmopolitan… vodka, triple sec, cranberry, lime
    Manhattan… rye, sweet red Vermouth, bitters, drop of grenadine
    Resurrection… vodka, kaluha, crème de cacao, espresso
    Seventh Heaven… gin, triple sec, ruby red grapefruit juice, grenadine
    Candy Apple… vodka, peach schnapps, apple Juice
    Atomic Orange… vodka, melon liqueur, OJ

Other Stuff

  • 1 oz. shot     5.0
    Add a 1oz. shot to our other drinks
  • Spiked Jones     7.5
  • Spiked coffee/hot chocolate     7.0
  • Spiked float     8.5
  • Spiked milkshake     10